About Us

When youth age-out of foster care, there is a good chance they have no safety net. Any negative impact on their lives can send them intoa downward spiral of desperation. Children who are desperate make easy victims for those who would exploit them.

The Age-Out Angels Foundation is dedicated to helping these children avoid the pitfalls and succeed in life. Our goal is to give them a sense of self-worth, a direction that leads toward success, the fortitude to overcome obstacles, and the support to stay on the course.

Just for a moment, place yourself in the position of an age-out. You’re 18 years old and emancipated. Where would you go when you have no one? How would you get money without a job? Where would you sleep, eat, or do any of the things that most of us take for granted? You can see age-outs easily become overwhelmed.

Fortunately, there are already programs that provide formost of these necessities. Our mission is to help age-outs gain access to allthe services available to them. We fill the gap that exists between youth and services. We make sure their paperwork is up to date and on time, that they have food, shelter, healthcare, and all the things that most of us do automatically for our own children.

Together with our generous donors and our army of volunteers trained to work one-to-one with age-outs, we can give these children a chance at a successful, independent, adulthood, Doesn’t every child deserve that chance?

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